About Swadeshi

Blessed with traditional knowledge of Ayurveda and the passion to leverage that knowledge into providing the common man the access to healthy lifestyle and creating awareness about long term benefits of Ayurveda, Swami MunishwaranandJi started manufacturing Ayurvedic products at Haridwar, way back in 1959.

During the British rule, Ayurveda had undergone a state of temporary decline when allopathy, riding on the influence of western education, became the dominant form of medicine in India. Ayurveda subsequently turned into a second-class option, seen as the cure for the poor and uneducated masses. Swami MunishwaranandJi had a point to prove to the world – Indian ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine was not inferior to any contemporary medical science in the world, whether in quality, efficacy or price. Propagating Ayurveda was his tribute to the sages and gurus of yesteryears who had invested all their lives’ effort just to keep our intellectual legacy alive. So he gave his endeavor the name Swadeshi, to be recognized and seen as a part of Indian cultural legacy.

He began his journey in the backyard of his own home at Haridwar, where he manufactured products for human health and provided guidance to the next generation of his family and other Ayurvedic scholars. His next generation followed his lead and Swadeshi Ayurved was setup in 1980under the able guidance and supervision of MunishwarandJi.

In 1995, SwadeshiAyurveda equipped itself with modern facilities and state-of-the-art instruments that paved the way for setting quality standards that are followed across the industry even today. This centre was also used for R&D of new products and medicines, serving the need of the hour.

Today, with two well equipped, fully-functional plants at Roorkee and Chila (both in the outskirts of Haridwar), Swadeshi Ayurved is a highly recognized and respected brand in the industry for its purity, quality and innovation. With welfare of human health as its sole aim, Swadeshi develops its products strictly in accordance with Ayurvedic principles and makes no compromise on it, at any cost.